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Lahiri Mahasaya's Birthday Celebration

Dear Friends, On Sunday the 1st of October 11am, Brisbane Meditation Group will be holding a special Birthday Service for Lahiri Mahasaya. Please bring along a flower to be offered as a symbol of devotion to God and the SRF Gurus. In addition to the flower, please bring along a donation in an envelope as a symbol of loyalty and faithfulness to the cause of SRF. This offering is sent to the SRF Mother Center to be used for sharing the sacred teachings of Yogananda with other truth-seeking souls. All are warmly welcome to attend.

Commemoration Services: A Special Commemoration Service is held to honour each birthday and Mahasamadhi of the Self-Realization Fellowship line of Gurus.  ‘Mahasamadhi’ means ‘great ecstasy’, the union of the soul with the Infinite during a God-realized yogi’s final exit from the physical body.  Paramahansaji said that such celebrations are a great spiritual occasion on which the vibrations of blessing from an illumined Master are stronger than on other days of the year.  

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